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The special geology and geography of the Borland region include some startling statistics.

The Green Lake Landslide, visible from Borland Saddle and the Mount Burns Track, occurred about 13,000 years ago. 27 cubic kilometres of the Hunter Mountains crashed into the Grebe Valley. This is possibly the world’s largest landslide above sea level.

Visible across the Waiau Valley from Borland are the sharp Takitimu Mountains. The town of Nightcaps gets its name from the resemblance of these snowy peaks to a row of nightcaps.

Geologists believe that a 14km high volcano originating far to the north of New Zealand was swallowed in the great upheavals that shaped the Earth and emerged here tipped on its side. The Takitimu Range is the eroded remnant of this colossus.

Other features are the steep glacial valleys, deep lakes, limestone bluffs and Mount Titiroa capped with white feldspar.