July 2017 Newsletter

Greetings from Borland Lodge.

With winter upon us I thought i would take some time to bring you up to date with some of the happenings that have occurred here at Borland Lodge since the last newsletter.

Solar Project

            The first and most significant is that the Solar project is up and operational. The Solar panels, foundations and framing were installed by Awarua Synergy. The system it's self consists of 90 panels making up  22kw of photovoltaic generation in a fixed configuration. They have been angled to make best use of available sunlight while taking into account the differences in summer & winter sun configurations. . Electricity that is generated is first used within the Lodge giving maximum savings with any excess electricity being exported to the national grid.

             With electricity being a significant cost to the Borland Lodge Adventure and Education Trust. The solar panels are therefore a welcome addition. It was important to the Trust to not only install a system that reduced costs but also a system that would serve to show case and encourage the installation of renewable energy sources. Reducing Borland Lodges energy footprint has always been important to the Trust.

Other Milestones have been

  •   The Red Chalets have been repainted.
  •   The Bush block has had a coat of paint.
  •   A new Trailer has been purchased.


Borland Super Site

I have briefly mentioned the Borland Supersite before but  would like to revisit this to encourage groups and individuals to make best use of this resource.

The Borland Super site was developed & created by the Department of Conservation as a resource for Schools & Youth Groups to use when studying the natural environment & biodiversity. It was specifically created to fit in perfectly with the Borland Lodge area with an aim to suit the upper primary and lower secondary school level. It contains a wealth of information along with activity's that make learning a fun experience.

The Borland Super site is available on the Department of conservation web site. It can be found by searching 'Borland Super Site'. At present the site is at the web address listed below but the Department of Conservation reserve the right to change the location which i have noticed does happen. So if you can not find it at the site listed below please try the search option.


 A recent exciting development is that the Department of Conservation is planning to hold a teacher workshop for the use of the Borland Super Site. This will be held at the College of Education in Invercargill between 4.30 and 6pm on Wednesday 6th September. 

The Borland Lodge Adventure & Education Trust would like to thank the Department of Conservation for constructing this resource and in particular give recognition to the work done by Michelle Crouchley & Catherine Brimecombe. 


Take only Photo's leave only footprints

The Department of Conservation has asked the Trust to remind all Lodge users of the "Leave No Trace" principal when using Department of Conservation land for activities. This means not causing damage to Tree's , scrub , Moss or streams etc. Picking up rubbish even if if is not your own. Leave only footprints , take only photo's.


Keep on adventuring and do visit Borland Lodge when your passing. We love to have you call.

                                                            Signing out from Paradise

                                                                  Peter & Lynn

Louise Evans